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There is a deep way in your heart just like a scene in a movie

Hokkaido is heralding the whole country as it progresses toward the Scenic Byway HOKKAIDO scheme which, undertaken in 2003, proposes attractive tourism for motorists and cyclists. After a two-year trial period, the Scenic Byway HOKKAIDO finally started in earnest in 2005. The hospitality of the people who live there and the beautiful vast landscape which can be touched during your journey. This journey continues endlessly, and it will pull you onto the stage of a movie called Hokkaido. Welcome to the Scenic Byway theater!

Tourist Spots Along the Scenic Byways in Hokkaido

What is the Scenic Byway HOKKAIDO?

Scenic Byway Hokkaido is a program (Scenic Byway HOKKAIDO Program) that aims at the development of beautiful landscapes and tourism activity menus. It seeks to acquaint visitors who want to enjoy and come in close touch with communities. It is mainly implemented by the cooperative work of people who live in Hokkaido. It makes good use of various natural resources such as mountains, lakes, fields, snow, foods and hot springs. As a result, four routes (theaters) have been designated this year, and various activities and events have been opened. The image of a wonderful trip is now being broadcast from the "byway" connecting local communities to the world.

What is the smart way of enjoying Scenic Byway HOKKAIDO?

By using the Car Navigation System and MAPCODE, you can enjoy your trip more easily. MAPCODE, an up-to ten-digit number, provides positional data for many places around Japan. It can be used for not only a MAPCODE-capable car navigation system, but also a cellular phone, personal computer and PDA. The car navigation system is a useful system which guides you to your destination with a single push on the touch screen.

Why not drive through the land of Hokkaido and try!
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