Scenic Byway Hokkaido
Kiyoshi Izumiya
Shikotsu-Toya-Niseko route runs thorough the central part of Hokkaido, including both Shikotsu-Toya National Park, in which Lake Toya, Lake Shikotsu, Mt. Usu, and Mt. Yotei are located, and Niseko-Shakotan-Otaru Quasi National, in which Niseko mountain range is located. This route is the one where you can encounter the nature and scenery representing Japan and it consists of three areas. “Welcome to Hokkaido” area is the route along which the visitors disembarked at New Chitose Airport can encounter the various types of nature, pure water, extending fields, savory food, a colorful gardening city, and enjoy the attractiveness of Hokkaido. Lake Toya area is, as it were, a roofless museum or an eco-museum route along which you can see with your own eyes such as Lake Toya, which shows its beautiful scenes seasonally, and you can also experience breath-taking volcanic activities such as Mt. Showa-shinzan, which still bellows steam. Niseko-Yotei area is the route which gives the visitors a deep impression through experiencing the nature including the beautiful scenery of Mt. Yotei, which changes its expressions seasonally, and activities on the Shiribetsu River.

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Information Information
Scenic café Scenic café
Scenic deck Scenic deck
Scenic spots Scenic spots
Scenic route Scenic route

Information Information


Scenic café Scenic café
Scenic deck
Scenic spots Scenic spots
Scenic route Scenic route

Scenic Byway Information Base Information
When you go each route, we recommend to stop at "Scenic Byway Information Base" first. You can get a brochure, "SCENE", a pamphllet of the region, and so on. You can also get an information about events on the route.
Scenic Café Scenic Café
Scenic Café which you can taste an attraction only the region. There are limited-edition café which an activity group in the route sponsors, routes, recommendable restaurant.
Scenic Deck Scenic deck
A simplify deck was set up to enjoy the landscape of the region leisurely. You can enjoy a beautiful scene recmmended by local residents to the full.
Veiw Point Scenic spots
It is a recommended view point by local residents. There is a parking lot near there, you can enjoy a beautiful scene safety.
Recommended Route Scenic route
It is a driving route recommended by local residents which you can enjoy a scene just only in the route.


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